micellar water face cleansing

Face cleansing.

A micellar water for daily face cleansing, to gently remove any impurity. The ideal skin preparation before any specific treatment, in order to maximize its effect and gain its full benefit. The delicate cleansing action couples with a revitalizing and refreshing effect to leave the skin purified, bright and smooth.

Functional substances


    Demulcent, lenitive and vasotonic action.


    Damask rosebuds and helichrysum flowers

    Moisturizing, lenitive, vasoprotective and antioxidant properties supporting the skin’s defence mechanisms.

    Moisturizing effect to leave the skin regenerated, softer and restored.

The advantages of B-SELFIE Angel

  • A single product to remove make-up and cleanse the skin with a protective and antioxidant action
  • Petrolatum-free: it is a flower-based herbal water, it doesn’t stick and it doesn’t need rinsing
  • Also effective on waterproof make-up, mascara and lipstick: rules out the need of biphasic eye make-up remover

Target and marketing levers

Target: over 30

«I need a product for daily cleansing of the face, able to protect the skin from air impurities.»
«I would like a micellar water to help me remove even waterproof makeup without using a two-phase system.»
«I'm looking for a non-sticky micellar water, to be applied without rinsing.»